Moving to Wordpress

I have decided to move my blog to the Wordpress lands, and to illustrate it accordingly.

The main reason to do so is that it has a phone app, making it easier to share photos of my work on-the-go. There are a lot of illustrations and draws I did not upload because it takes time to turn on the PC, download and rezise the photos (yeah..., a little lazy maybe), etc....
Another reasons are that I prefer wordpress interfaces and designs and that I started to feel that Blogger is "away from the main road" of blogs and sharing media.

It would take me a few weeks to arrange everythink there but I hope at the end everything look nice and tidy.
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Hope to see you there.


The Evolution of Transsphenoidal Surgery

Book Cover & Illustrations

Some of the illustrations of the book: "Técnicas modernas en microcirugía de los nervios periféricos" 

Ilustración Neurocirugía 2 - Neurosurgery Illustration 2

Ilustraciones para trabajo científico de neurocirugía sobre el abordaje extremo lateral.
Illustration for neurosurgery paper about far alteral approach.

Tapa de Libro e ilustraciones - Book Cover & Illustrations

Dibujo de tapa de libro de Neurocirugía:
Aspectos clínicos y quirúrgicos.

Neurosurgery Book Cover Illustration:
Clinical and Sulgical Aspects.

Some inside illustrations...

Ilustración Neurocirugía - Neurosurgery Illustration

Ilustraciones de diversas técnicas de neurotizacion -
Multiple neurotization techniques illustrations.

Ilustraciones para Cirugia Plástica 2 - Plastic Surgery Illustration 2

Ilustraciones para trabajo de cirugía plástica. Revisión de cicatriz con doble plano muscular.
Plastic Surgery Illustration. Scar revision with double muscular flap.